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tools and calculators provided by the property shop realty and investments

Property Shop Realty and Investments tools and calculators

The Property Shop has many resources for searching, pricing, and comparing a new home or apartment. Mortgage calculators help you determine mortgage payments, cost savings and comparisons for different loans, interest rates, and terms.
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  • Loan pre-qualification

    Loan prequalification is a process that pre-approves a homebuyer for a specific loan amount when purchasing a home.
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  • The Property Shop home warranty

    Ask about The Preoperty Shop's Home Warranty plan. Our home warranty protection plan provides peace of mind to protect your most valuable asset.
  • Home Warranty
  • My current market value

    Find out what your house is worth. Get a market valuation price of your home today.
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  • Free reports

    Get insight into the fundamentals and health of the local market.
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  • Great Schools

    Selecting the right home in the location you disire is the first step. Decide what is important when choosing a school for your child and consider practical matters, academic programs, evaluate district test scores and the school's culture, all in one place.
  • Find Great Schools

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