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Loan Information

The following information will be needed at your loan application:

  • Copy of accepted earnest money contract.
  • Residence addresses for past 2 years (landlord addresses if applicable).
  • Name and address of employers for past 2 years with W-2's, 1099's, etc.
  • Pay stubs showing gross monthly salary and all deductions, for 1 month period.
  • Names, addresses, account numbers, and balances of all checking and saving accounts.
  • Last 2 statements on all checking, savings, investments, IRA's, etc., accounts.
  • Names, addresses, account numbers, balances, and monthly payments on all open charge accounts.
  • Addresses, loan information, and lease agreements on all other real estate owned.
  • Estimated value on all furniture, clothing, jewelry, and other personal property.
  • Face value and cash value of life insurance, retirement accounts, and profit sharing accounts.
  • Certificate of Eligibility and/or DD214 for VA loans.
  • Money for credit report and appraisal.
  • If self-employed, 2 years tax receipts with all schedules, YTD P&L statement with balance prepared by a CPA.
  • If incorporated, 2 years corporate tax returns.
  • Divorce decree, if applicable.
  • Complete bankruptcy papers, if applicable.
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