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Closing Escrow

Your escrow officer will call you to make an appointment for you to sign your lender's package as well as your deed, affidavit, and all other required documents. You should allow a minimum of 60 minutes for this process. If you would like, ask your Realtor and/or your loan officer to be present in case you should have questions. Bring the following items to your appointment.

  • Identification. You must have a photo ID, which can be in the form of a current drivers license or a current passport, and one other form of identification. Identification must be presented in order for your signatures to be notarized.
  • Good Funds. Please plan ahead so that the necessary funds will be available at the time of closing. Your escrow officer will prepare a pre-audit for you prior to your signing, which will indicate the amount of funds required by you to close. The law requires us to have Good Funds, which consist of a Cashier’s Check or Certified Check drawn on an Arizona banking or savings institution or a Wire Transfer.
  • Insurance. Proof of homeowner’s insurance on the property must be provided for your lender. Bring in the name, company, address, and phone number of your insurance agent. If a new loan is being obtained, generally the signed loan package must be returned to the lender for review and subsequent funding of the loan. Upon the escrow holder’s receipt of all GOOD FUNDS, including but not limited to the buyer’s closing funds, loan proceeds, and fulfillment of conditions and contingencies, the documents are then released for RECORDATION. Upon confirmation of recordation, all funds are disbursed and closing packages provided to all parties.
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